The Wellington in Haubstadt, IN

A kitchen range hood plays an essential role in removing smoke, grease, and odors while cooking. That’s why you can count on The Copper Shop for your kitchen hoods, such as The Wellington in Haubstadt, IN. Our products are all handcrafted and unique, making them durable, iconic accent pieces that aren’t only beautiful but functional. Take your kitchen to the next level with a unique, rustic look that will be certain to give your kitchen an elegant and warm ambiance.

Handcrafted by Artisans

Owning an artisanal piece like kitchen hoods is excellent not only for its unique design but because it can be customized to fit any space. When making your vent hood, our teal customizes it to the exact dimensions and style you need to match the rest of your kitchen or the new aesthetic you want. You can send us a photo to give us a clearer concept of what you’d like for your hood.

Quiet Ventilation

When installing your new kitchen vent, our team uses Vent-A-Hood ® Magic Lung ® blowers. These blowers provide ample ventilation for your range or stove, whether you use it for residential, commercial, or outdoor kitchens. Its mechanism also allows it to function quietly.

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