The Provencial in Haubstadt, IN

Add the perfect finishing touch to your French-style home with The Provencial in Haubstadt, IN, from the team at The Copper Shop. This chimney cap was created to match the elegance and flair of French trends and design cues that are seen on homes, castles, and palaces. This model is the ideal cap for the chimney on your chateau, lodge, cottage, or bungalow.

These reliable copper chimney caps design is a proven market leader that has been chosen by customers throughout the region and beyond. The features we have incorporated into this cap are the reasons why. It has a removable rain cap, rigid screen frame, and a mounting flange for easy installation.

You can order The Provencial in shiny, burnished, or patina finish. It is lightweight, won’t rust, and keeps animals and birds from making a home in your chimney while also improving its performance.

While you’re ordering one for your chimney, also it is a good time to consider how you can update outdoor kitchens. We have various kitchen hoods that will match any backyard oven or fireplace. These copper hoods are made to the same standards as our chimney cap products and will stand the test of time while providing outstanding service.