The Cape Rose in Haubstadt, IN

When you’re thinking about the best material to use for your chimney, copper is a popular material for its durability against the weather. The Copper Shop has a vast collection of beautifully crafted copper chimneys that will make your home or business look its best. One such crafted pattern is the Cape Rose in Haubstadt, IN, molded into a beautiful lighthouse shape that will be certain to add more flair to your chimney.

The cape rose is modeled and designed to showcase the coastal shores of North America, making it a staple piece for anyone who wants to feel close to the sea. Counted among our favorite copper products, it makes an impactful aesthetic addition for any home or business. As the leading local copper shop, our team of experts can help you decide which chimney meets your requirements and which fit is best for your needs. We’re highly knowledgeable about all the hand-crafted items in our inventory. Each one is manufactured in America by American craftsmen; therefore, the Cape Rose model is an excellent choice when you want to add an element of uniqueness to your place.

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